January, 2015

If you walk down Market St. in Manchester, or through any other city centre in the country, you’ll periodically cross paths with the archetypal ‘vacant looking sign holder’ (if they’re lucky they’ll be holding the sign, if they’re unlucky they’ll be dressed up as a pizza box). They stand dead-eyed, sullen faced, staring into the middle distance with a look reminiscent of a shell-shocked WWI infantryman, glumly directing you to the nearest fast food trough or discount golf equipment retailer. They’re glum for a reason – they’ve been stood in the pissing rain for 6 hours. On one side, a man relentlessly hawking his punnets of strawberries ‘FIVE FERA FIVER!’. On the other, a busker busily fret-wanking over Bon Jovi and Dire Straits backing tracks. How would you feel? It’s a waking nightmare – I’d be catatonic after 5 minutes.

However, my point is that all these people are fighting for a bit of space in our heads, and there are good and bad ways of getting that attention. Sure, you can do something loud and annoying that will get on people’s nerves, but it may well get you a bit of business. Alternatively, you can just stand there apologetically holding your sign. You never know, someone might pay some interest. Maybe you need an example a bit closer to home – take my cat for instance, who gets my attention by busting paradigms and turning ‘how to miss the litter tray’ into an art-form. It really is quite breathtaking.

OR, you can stand proudly and do something fresh and interesting that will entertain, intrigue and maybe even amaze, like this guy.

That’s the challenge we’ve set ourselves – with any luck, over the coming months we’ll be find a comfortable communicative middle ground between shouty market traders – frothing at the mouths – and awkward placard bearers.

So, what can we expect in the first part of 2015 from POAM? Here’s a quickfire guide:

  • The end of January will see the release of a new single for your listening pleasure. It’s been cooking for a while but we hope you’ll agree it been worth the wait.
  • In February the band are going on a field trip to see soul heavyweight D’Angelo at Manchester Apollo. If you haven’t checked out the new album, put it on the to-do list. At the end of February we’ll also be releasing the first of two Live in the Studio videos.
  • March is when Pieces return to the stage, first at the Wardrobe in Leeds. Details for what promises to be an awesome evening are here.
  • April/May will see the release of the second Live in the Studio video, things warm up enough for Pils stop wearing his gillet and we’ll be dropping Mixtape Vol. 2. Exciting stuff!

As for the rest of the year, we’re keeping that to ourselves. Suffice to say we’ve got plenty up our sleeves!

Ciao for now,

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