On the Road… to Burscough

The Pieces Family were on the road again in early June, this time in the sleepy West Lancs village of Burscough. The furthest we’ve been from home! We converged on ‘The Wharf’ as the sun started its downward turn. The late afternoon drinkers were taking full advantage of the clement weather, chatting and chilling away on the cobbled square outside ‘M.Bar.K’, and this was to be the theme of the evening – very relaxed.

Having just come off the back of a high-powered hoe-down at Rusholme’s Antwerp Mansion earlier in the week, it was a welcome change of pace to be able to air some of our super-tight slow-grind tracks. That’s not to say we didn’t pick things up towards the end of the night! A textbook jazz-flute solo from Pils was one of the highlights. All in all, a very gratifying experience. Burscough, we’ll be back!

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