POAM arrives at BOTW

Where to start? With all due respect to previous POAM gigs, this one was a different kettle of fish. Without wanting to sound like too much of a ‘big time Charlie’ – we had a dressing room. Oh yea. Complete with coat hangers and beer. If it hadn’t dawned on us already, this clearly wasn’t going to be an ‘ordinary’ gig for us (whatever that is). Even without considering the name at the top of the bill, the venue alone is enough to get you excited. I mean, some serious names have played Band on the Wall down the years. I won’t list them here. Look it up if you’re that interested.

Having already loaded equipment earlier in the afternoon, we returned just as Bilal’s band began their soundcheck. To say that it was something of an education might be a bit of an understatement. Each ‘Pieces’ member was focusing on their musical equivalent on stage, seemingly thinking ‘Really? Really?! Is that how far we’ve got to go?’ As a band we’ve not been on our journey together for long, so it was really quite affirming (from this writer’s perspective at least) to be met with approving ‘head nods’ from our counterparts when the roles were reversed and we took the stage to soundcheck.

Our part in the gig itself was over all to quickly but we grabbed it by the scruff and wasted no time in taking advantage of the great crowd. They were there to see Bilal, but they were still our audience… the crowd were onside from the get-go and this was our time to shine! Tolu pulled no punches in what proved to be a storming delivery of soul. Listening back to the gig audio, it was obvious that the hard work we’ve put in over the last few months was coming to fruition. Check our website media page for snippets – coming soon!

Highlight of the set? The minor scrum at the front of the stage when Tolu asked if anyone wanted a free CD – nearly had to get the bouncers in.

Bilal was of course on top form – the soundcheck wasn’t a fluke.

Anyway, hopefully the first of many appearances at BOTW!

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