POAM @ One Lounge

Sandwiched between mega support slots for Tom Gee Band at the HIFI Club and Bilal at BOTW, this gig was in danger of being forgotten – lost in the mists of POAM history. When Tolu ‘Talent’ Ajayi’s arrival was uncharacteristically delayed, things were not looking good.

An instrumental start to the set was going to be necessary, so an extended exploration of the ‘Pieces Theme’ and ‘Calling All People’ was going to have to tide people over until the main course arrived. In retrospect, it was a nice start to the evening – it sounded hot! Once the talent had arrived though, we could really start shifting up through the gears.

Highlight of the evening? Half an hour of ‘interpretive dance’ from a well-oiled patron. For that short time the room and its inhabitants were transported to a higher plane of being. Our collective perception of reality was shifted to an uninterrupted series of blissful binary communications. It was a truly an affirmation of our musical existence.

Far from forgettable.

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