May, 2014

I haven’t written in a while. I’m sorry. A man can have trouble communicating sometimes, especially Pieces of a Man.

Recently, while walking up the stairs at work, I bumped into a colleague that I hadn’t seen for some time. We chatted very happily for a short while about family, friends etc until the conversation came to it’s natural conclusion. I went back to my desk, satisfied with what I’d call a ‘textbook’ social interaction.

About an hour later, I bumped into him again, in exactly the same spot.

I panicked.

‘Should I say anything?’, I asked myself, ‘Will he want another chat?’. I didn’t want another chat. I had no more salient information to offer, and in all honesty I’d already used up my daily quotient of polite interest in our previous conversation. I was left with only one option, I kept walking and went for the classic ‘half-smile-and-nod’. At least I call it a half-smile – I’m told it’s more of a tight-lipped grimace.

He looked at me uneasily, apparently also unsure of how to respond. He paused, bolstered himself on the hand-rail and mumbled ‘stairs, eh?’.

We are told that when men talk, it is for the exchange of information, but when women talk, it is to build relationships – to share thoughts and feelings. Report vs Rapport.

So – here is some information:

Pieces have some new recruits! First up is the swashbuckling Aden Peets – our sword-fighting, hi-top-wearing, tick-tocking acoustic drummer. He joins DK and Tim in the pieces Engine room, with DK now providing a smörgåsbord of musical and rhythmic samples via the medium of decks, laptops, and the faithful drum machine.

We also take this opportunity to welcome pint-sized songstress Christina Otubea Otoo-Anakwa, who lit up the Out on Stage finals recently in her stellar Pieces debut on backing vocals.

You can next see the gang taking to the stage at the Cinnamon Club, Altrincham on the 13th June. Here’s the deets –

See you on the stairs soon. But not too soon.

Nods and half-smiles,

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