On the Road… to Leeds

The HIFI Club in Leeds is one of the best small live music venues in the north of England, attracting talent from far and wide. So, when Pieces got the shout from the towering Tom Gee (he really is quite tall) to come down and fill a support slot for his EP Launch, we didn’t need asking twice.

After soundcheck and all the usual pissing about, the doors opened and a steady stream of punters began to filter downstairs into the venue. Before long, the crowd was being serenaded by support act numero uno – Jack Edwards, a local singer/songwriter (jackedwardsmusic.com), who was accompanied on stage by some other talented local musicians. All good so far.

Given the nature of the night the support slots needed to be short and sweet, so as soon as
Jack had sung his final refrain it was a quick change over then time for support act numero two – POAM.

By this point the crowd had swelled significantly, and Tolu immediately took full advantage by choreographing his trademark ‘two-step’ dance routine on the opening number – very crowd friendly (to clarify, our opening number isn’t called ‘very crowd friendly’, I’m just saying the dance is very crowd frie… oh you know what I mean). As we ran through our short set, each number was punctuated with a mixture of polite, warm applause and high-pitched shrieks of joy, no doubt from some of the local Pieces faithful. Time flew by and before we knew it the balls-out bouncing bassline of ‘Paycheck’ – our final song for the night – was putting the HIFI PA to the test.

We were working to a curfew, so our usual ‘tidy packdown’ routine was replaced with operation ‘just chuck it in the fu*king bag we’ll deal with it later’ being activated.


It was a job well done for most of us, we got to kick it and enjoy the main event, but the graft wasn’t over for POAM frontman Tolu. He was guesting on keys and BVs for the Tom Gee Band. So, it was back to the grindstone for him.

Tom and the band, I’m sure, will have their own write up at some stage, a review much more considered and eloquent than this hand can produce, but rest assured – they nailed it. But it wasn’t by chance. The TGB is packed with top-motch musos, nice dudes too. They work hard to get that shit sounding tight. They deserve the success they’re having with the EP, so all the best to them, and congrats.


Next up? We’re just supporting some bloke called Bill. Bilal that is!

See you next time.

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